Who was the real killer or killers? (2022)

Who Killed The Three Boys?

1. The man at the Bojangles restaurant? ["The red herring"]At 8:40 P.M. on May 5, 1993 the West Memphis Police Department received a call that a bleeding black man had entered the Bojangles restaurant (located near where the three bodies were eventually discovered) about thirty minutes earlier and gone into the women's rest room. Officer Regina Meek arrives on the scene at 8:50 and questioned Marty King, the restaurant's manager, through the drive-through window. King reported that the man

(with muddy feet, wearing a white cap, black pants, and a blue shirt) had blood on his face and arm and appeared "mentally disoriented," but had left the restaurant a few minutes before the officer arrived. When employees entered the women's rest room they discovered blood smeared on the wall. The officer leaves the premises about 9:00 without ever setting foot inside the restaurant. The next day, Detective Byrn Ridge and Sergeant Mike Allen return to Bojangles to collect blood scrapings from the rest room wall. Unfortunately, the scrapings were never sent to a crime lab to be analyzed and were later reported lost. No additional interviews were ever conducted with Bojangles employees about the incident. In the Echols/Baldwin murder trial, prosecutor John Fogleman argued that it was "a complete absurdity" to think the criminals who took pains to hide bodies, clothing, and bicycles would, immediately thereafter, go "into a public place all covered in blood." Critics of the "Bojangles theory" also point out that the bleeding man reportedly wore a cast on one arm, a fact they say would have made it very difficult to tie up and murder the three boys.

Testimony of Marty King, restaurant manager, in the Echols/Baldwin TrialWest Memphis Police Department Station Log for the evening of May 5, 1993

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Who was the real killer or killers? (1)Notes regarding May 6 visit to Bojangles by West Memphis Police:

5/6/93 Received call to go to Bo-Jangles + talk to the Manager.
5/6/93 9:00 P.M. Det. Sgt. Allen + Det. Ridge went to Bo-Jangles + talked with the manager, a Marty King [address and phone redacted]. Marty King related that they had a Black / male on 5/5/93 Between 9:00 - 9:30 PM that a Black / male was found the ladies bathroom bleeding from the arm. the Manager stated that the black man was 5-11, thin dirty, late 20's, pair of sunglasses were left in toilet suspected by Black / male. Subject had a blue cast type brace on his arm that had white Velcro on it. the Black male appeared to be mental / + disorientated (Not intoxicated or under influence of drugs) Police were called Subject left out on foot + Walked East toward the back dumpster then [inserted here: Black males clothing was denim sleeveless shirt, Black shoes, look like tennis shoes. Black thin warm up pants.] came back out to Missouri + walked toward Delta Service Station.
Det. Ridge took blood scrapings from North Wall inside women's bathroom above toilet, took blood scrapings from inside of door to women's bathroom + Entrance hall to bathroom From Sitting Area at Bojangles. [signed] Mike Allen

2. Terry Hobbs, stepfather of victim Steven Branch, and his friend, David Jacoby, with the assistance of two teenagers?

Who was the real killer or killers? (2)
Terry Hobbs



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A documentary film about the 1993 killings, West of Memphis (a film paid for and produced by well-known director Peter Jackson), suggests (without making a direct accusation) that Terry Hobbs, stepfather of victim Stevie Branch, participated in the murders of the three boys. The filmmakers note that the most significant piece of DNA evidence found at the crime scene, DNA in a hair found in one of the shoelaces used to tie up the boys, matched the DNA of Terry Hobbs (as well as 1.5% of the population). A second hair found on a tree stump near where the bodies were found matched that of David Jacoby, a friend of Terry Hobbs, whom Hobbs visited roughly an hour before the boys disappeared. They also question the alibi given by Hobbs, that he spent the evening of the murders with his friend, David Jacoby. In the film, Jacoby doubts whether he spent as much time with Hobbs that night as Hobbs suggests. The filmmakers also stress that Terry Hobbs had a long history of abuse, including an admitted assault on his wife and accusations of child beating and assaults on neighbors. An aunt of Stevie Branch, Judy Sadler, accuses Hobbs in the film of forcing his young son to watch him masturbate and of sexually molesting Stevie's sister, Amanda. (Amanda, incidentally, says she cannot recall any sexual abuse by her stepfather.) They also managed to find a neighbor who claimed to have seen Hobbs with the three boys on the night of the murder, something Hobbs strongly denied. To this mix of circumstantial evidence, the filmmakers add the fact that another of Stevie's aunts, Jo Lynn McAughey, alleges she saw Terry Hobbs doing laundry the night of the murders, presumably to clean the mud off of his clothes after killing the boys in the woods, and the fact that a prized pocket knife owned by Stevie, one he almost always carried with him, was later found among Terry Hobbs's possessions. Finally, and perhaps most damningly, the filmmakers produced three young men who now claim to have been told by a nephew of Terry Hobbs that the fact that Terry killed the three boys was a closely guarded "family secret." In statements under oath, the three witnesses say that Michael Hobbs told them, "My uncle killed three boys in West Memphis." John Mark Byers, stepfather of Chris Byers and initially the subject of considerable suspicion himself, is shown calling Terry Hobbs a "baby killer" outside an Arkansas courtroom.

Terry Hobbs, however, was not without his defenders. Todd Moore, father of victim Michael Moore, found the evidence against Hobbs unpersuasive. He noted that his son spent a lot of time in the home of Terry Hobbs and could easily have picked up the hair (with DNA matching that of Terry Hobbs) found in his shoelaces on one of those occasions. Todd Moore asserted, "Terry Hobbs did not murder my son. No credible law enforcement official believes so." [Jonesboro Sun editorial, 6/13/2012] Other critics of the Hobbs-as-the-murderer theory noted that the statements by three young men, two decades after the crime, about the Hobbs "family secret" are three or four times removed from any original source, and are far less probative than the second-hand testimony of two witnesses ("I heard Damien say...") in the Echols/Baldwin trial. Hamish McKenzie, writing in The Atlantic, was critical of the decision of filmmakers in West of Memphis to place the blame for the murders on Terry Hobbs, calling Jackson a"self-appointed producer-prosecutor" and the charges made in the movie "reckless." Of course, reckless doesn't mean wrong.

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In 2013, what seems likely to be close to the true story of the West Memphis murders finally emerged in separate affidavits signed by Billy Wayne Stewart and Bennie Guy. The level of detail and overall plausibility of the stories told in the affidavits make it seem highly credible, even if they do come from an admitted drug dealer and a convicted felon. On May 5, 1993, according to both Stewart and Guy, Terry Hobbs, David Jacoby, and two teenagers from a local trailer park, L. G. Hollingsworth and Buddy Lucas, showed up at his West Memphis home looking to buy some pot, which Stewart provided. While Stewart sold the two boys the pot, he noticed Hobbs and Jacoby kissing in a pick-up truck across the street. (According to Stewart, Hobbs was a bisexual with a preference for sex with young boys. Hobbs, he stated, had invited his own ten-year-old son, "Bill Bil," to pool parties--invitations which Stewart insisted his son decline.)

What happened after Stewart sold the pot on May 5 was told to Stewart by Buddy Lucas in April 1995. Getting back in the pick-up, Hobbs, Jacoby, and the two boys drove around town, smoking pot and drinking whiskey, before heading down a dirt road by the Blue Beacon Wood. At that point, according to Lucas's account, Terry Hobbs asked the two teenagers to get out and "wrestle" while he and Jacoby watched. While Lucas does not specifically say the wrestling soon turned into sexual activity involving him, L. G. Hollingworth and the two men, Stewart has no doubt that is what happened, asserting that the lowered head and shame evident on the boy's face as he told the story made it clear there was "more going on between the boys and the men than what Buddy had just told me." It was during this likely sexual activity that Chis Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch appeared on their bikes, at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stewart says Lucas told him that Terry Hobbs screamed, "Get them little fuckers!" While Jacoby beat one of the kids, Hobbs ordered Buddy and L. G. to pull off his pants. According to the Stewart affidavit, "Mr. Hobbs walked over to the boy that Mr. Jacoby had been beating and repeatedly bit the boy's penis and scrotum," then "cut the boy's genitals." Terry Hobbs then announced the other two boys had to be killed because of what they had seen, and Hobbs and Jacoby proceeded to do just that. The boys' clothes and bodies were gathered and dragged to the water, and their bikes thrown into the bayou.

Shockingly, according to Stewart, when he tried to call West Memphis Police investigator Bill Sanders to tell him the story he had heard from Buddy Lucas, Sanders never even bothered to return his phone calls. If this allegation is true--and it certainly rings so--readers can debate whether that decision, which meant the continued incarceration of three almost certainly innocent young men for another sixteen years, or the murders in the Blue Beacon Wood, was the greater tragedy.

Bennie Guy's affidavit tells a similar story. Guy stated that while Buddy (who Guy describes as "pretty bad slow') was staying in his home in 1994 he confessed his involvement in the killings. Guy stated in his affidavit that L. G. Hollingsworth also confessed to participating in the murders while both were incarcerated in the Crittenden County Jail in 1995. Hollingsworth's confession adds a few new details to that of Buddy's. According to Guy's account of Hollingsworth's confession, Terry Hobbs became enraged after one of the boys began kicking him. Hobbs hit the boy in the head and shouted, "I am going to teach your fucking ass." Hollingsworth said that he, Buddy, and the two older men all participated in beating the three eight-year-old boys, and confirmed Buddy's account that Hobbs ordered the two teens to take off the pants of the boys, before cutting the genitals of one of them with his knife. Guy stated that he sent a detailed letter to Prosecutor Scott Ellington in February 2012 describing the details of the two confessions, but that Ellington never responded.



3. The West Memphis Three?

Todd Moore, father of victim Michael Moore, prosecutor John Fogleman, most detectives involved in the case, and many others continue to contend that the murders were committed by Jesse Misskelley, Jason Baldwin, and Damien Echols. They begin by pointing out that two juries in 1994, after listening to all the evidence, found the three guilty. (They neglect to point out, however, that much of the most potentially persuasive evidence that defense attorneys hoped to introduce in those trials was excluded by Judge Burnett.) They argue that Jesse Misskelley confessed no less than five times to the killings after his arrest and in the year following the trials. They note that Damien Echols had a long history of mental health problems before the murders and described himself at one point as homicidal, suicidal, and schizophrenic. They also contend that the fact that three different knots were used to hogtie the young victims points to the involvement of three killers, not one or two. And, of course, they believe that much of the evidence produced in the Echols/Baldwin trial was quite probative, including the knife found in a lake behind Echols's home, the testimony of two twelve-year old girls who say they heard Damien confess to the murders at a softball park, and blue candle wax found on Chris Byers' shirt that was "consistent" with candle wax found in the bedroom of Echols. Others who continue to believe in the guilt of the West Memphis Three point to an interview given to police on May 18, 1993 by Laura Maxwell (another third-hand story, admittedly), in which she was told by a friend that Damien killed the boys after they "saw something they weren't supposed to have seen"--presumably Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley engaged in "devil-worshipping meetings in that park."

After the filing of the Stewart affidavit in 2013, it remains to be seen whether those who have long maintained that the West Memphis Three were guilty as charged will continue to do so.

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Who is the real killer in the world? ›

Serial killers with the highest known victim count. The most prolific modern serial killer is arguably Dr. Harold Shipman, with 218 probable murders and possibly as many as 250 (see "Medical professionals", below). However, he was actually convicted of a sample of 15 murders.

Who was the first killer ever? ›

Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861 – May 7, 1896), better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes or H. H. Holmes, was an American con artist and serial killer, the subject of more than 50 lawsuits in Chicago alone.
H. H. Holmes
Criminal chargeMurder
Victims1 killed and confirmed 9 total suspected
12 more rows

Who was the original serial killer? ›

H.H. Holmes, byname of Herman Mudgett, (born May 16, 1861?, Gilmanton, New Hampshire, U.S.—died May 7, 1896, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), American swindler and confidence trickster who is widely considered the country's first known serial killer.

Are killers born or made? ›

In The Anatomy of Violence, criminologist Dr. Adrian Raine says that, “Genetics and environment work together to encourage violent behaviour.” Therefore, it seems like there are various factors namely, genetics, environment, trauma and personality traits that contribute to the making of a serial killer.

Who is the youngest killer ever? ›

If reports are to be believed, an 8-year-old boy from Bihar, Amarjeet Sada, whose life is steeped in poverty, is the "youngest serial killer in the world." He was born in 1998 in the village of Mushahar in Bihar. He has murdered three people. Sada committed the first murder at the age of 7.

Is Jack the Ripper real? ›

Jack the Ripper was an English serial killer. Between August and November 1888, he murdered at least five women—all prostitutes—in or near the Whitechapel district of London's East End. Jack the Ripper was never identified or arrested. Today the murder sites are the locus of a macabre tourist industry in London.

What makes a killer? ›

What Makes a Killer is a twelve-part series that chronicles the lives and crimes of the world's most notorious serial killers. In every episode host Jennifer Nittoso will trace a killer's origins, examine their behavior, and follow their path to bloodshed.

Who was the first black serial killer? ›

Samuel Little (born McDowell; June 7, 1940 – December 30, 2020) was an American serial killer who confessed to murdering 93 women between 1970 and 2005.
Samuel Little
Known forBeing the most prolific serial killer in United States history by number of confirmed victims
Conviction(s)Murder (x4)
13 more rows

When did serial killers become a thing? ›

The first chronicled example of serial killing dates back to 331 BC, in Ancient Rome, when an unknown number of men were thought to be dying of plague. Eventually, one of the women involved in the poisoning ring confessed their crime, and a total of 170 women were subsequently arrested.

Are there always serial killers? ›

Historical criminologists suggest that there have been serial killers throughout history. Some sources suggest that legends such as werewolves and vampires were inspired by medieval serial killers. In Africa, there have been periodic outbreaks of murder by Lion and Leopard men.

What hotel was built by a serial killer? ›

'Murder Castle' hid crematorium, secret passages and torture racks. Holmes built the World's Fair Hotel – a hotel and shopping complex – in Chicago in 1889, at the age of 27.

Who was the best serial killer? ›

American serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious criminals of the late 20th century, known to have killed at least 20 women in the 1970s. He was executed in the electric chair in 1989.

Who is the cruelest serial killer? ›

No list of the most deranged serial killers would be complete without Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was ultimately convicted of murdering 17 young men over a 14 year period.

Who was the world's worst serial killer? ›

1. Harold Shipman: “Dr. Death” who killed 218 patients. One of history's deadliest serial killers was a married family man who managed to squeeze in 218 credited murders (and as many as 250) while working as a popular British physician.

How a killer is born? ›

It is in all likelihood the case that a mix of genetic qualities and life experiences may expand an individual's inclination to turn into a serial killer. As such, genetics, environment, trauma, and personality are different variables that collectively drive serial killer conduct.

How do serial killers think? ›

Although psychological gratification is the usual motive for serial killing, and most serial killings involve sexual contact with the victim, the FBI states that the motives of serial killers can include anger, thrill-seeking, financial gain, and attention seeking.

Is there a killing gene? ›

As I said before, there's no “serial killer” gene—there's a gene that can influence someone's level of aggression and emotional control. Classifying people as “serial killer gene carriers” is a terrible idea for several reasons.

How many serial killers are there currently? ›

Still, the authorities and various other sources inform us that there are as many as 50 serial killers operating today. Someone who kills three or more people is generally called a serial killer.

Who is the youngest person to go to jail? ›

Mary Bell is the youngest person to go to jail.

She committed her first murder in 1968 when she was 10. Both of her murders targeted pre-school boys, who died at Bell's hands by strangulation.

What state are most serial killers born in? ›

Alaska. Proportional to its population, Alaska is, without a doubt, the most popular state among serial killers, with 15.65 serial killings per one million inhabitants.

How old would Jack the Ripper be today? ›

If Jack the Ripper was only 16 when he committed the murders he would be well over 140 years old. It is safe to say Jack The Ripper is dead!

Was there a real Hannibal Lecter? ›

Hannibal Lecter is a fictional character created by the novelist Thomas Harris. Lecter is a serial killer who eats his victims. Before his capture, he was a respected forensic psychiatrist; after his incarceration, he is consulted by FBI agents Will Graham and Clarice Starling to help them find other serial killers.

What did Jack the Ripper look like? ›

According to Scwharz, the man was about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, aged around 30 with dark hair, a fair complexion, a small brown moustache. He had a full face, broad shoulders and appeared to be slightly intoxicated.

Why do serial killers wet their bed? ›

Usually, late bed-wetting is due to a medical condition, or the result of emotional abuse. But there may be some connection between late bed-wetting and psychopathy. And, as mentioned above, the environment in which a child is raised can be a factor in how violent they become later in life.

Are all psychopaths killers? ›

While not all psychopaths are serial killers, psychopathy — or at the very least, the possession of psychopathic traits — is a common denominator among serial killers, sex offenders and most violent criminals.

How are serial killers brains different? ›

On SPECT, the brains of murderers show abnormal activity in a variety of brain regions, especially the prefrontal cortex involved with empathy, judgment, and forethought. Look at this scan of a healthy brain compared to a scan from Kip Kinkel. The healthy surface brain SPECT scan shows full, even, symmetrical activity.

How many serial killers are in America? ›

This would put the number of unidentified serial killers operating in the U.S. somewhere around 2,100. However, former police detective and author of a dozen books on serial murder, Michael Arntfield, suspects that number to be closer to double that — around 4,000 currently active serial killers.

How is the Zodiac killer? ›

Of the four ciphers he produced, two remain unsolved, and one was cracked only in 2020. While many theories regarding the identity of the killer have been suggested, the only suspect authorities ever publicly named was Arthur Leigh Allen, a former elementary school teacher and convicted sex offender who died in 1992.

Who is Britain's biggest serial killer? ›

Harold Frederick Shipman (14 January 1946 – 13 January 2004), known to acquaintances as Fred Shipman, was an English general practitioner and serial killer. He is considered to be one of the most prolific serial killers in modern history, with an estimated 250 victims.

How many killings makes a serial killer? ›

The term 'serial killings' means a series of three or more killings, not less than one of which was committed within the United States, having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors.

What is the typical childhood of a serial killer? ›

Many serial killers are survivors of early childhood trauma of some kind – physical or sexual abuse, family dysfunction, emotionally distant or absent parents. Trauma is the single recurring theme in the biographies of most killers.

Do serial killers still exist UK? ›

A TOP criminologist dubbed the real-life Cracker has warned that Britain is home to at least two active SERIAL KILLERS. Chilling evidence shows that undetected mass murderers are responsible for butchering seven people every year.

What caused the rise of serial killers? ›

Serial killing was nothing new to the 1960-1980s. However, serial killings did rise during the period of 1960-1980 for many reasons, including returning soldiers from World War II raising children in the late 40s and early 50s, population booms and subsequent birth control, and environmental toxins.

How common are killers? ›

Extending on the basis of our third assumption, that means that the rate of unapprehended murderer in the US is 1.5 per 100,000 people, or 4838 at any given time. That is 0.0015% of the population.

How many people did Holmes murder? ›

Holmes claimed to have killed at least 27 people, most of whom he'd lured into a purpose-built “Murder Castle” replete with secret passageways, trapdoors and soundproof torture rooms.

Who was the first serial killer in England? ›

Mary Ann Cotton
VictimsAround 21, including 3 of her husbands and 12 children
Date apprehended1873
10 more rows

Who was the serial killer that wore people's skin? ›

On July 26, 1984, Ed Gein, a serial killer infamous for skinning human corpses, dies of complications from cancer in a Wisconsin prison at age 77.

Who are the top ten serial killers of all time? ›

The 10 Biggest Serial Killers in History:
  1. ELIZABETH BATHORY. ~ 650 murders.
  2. GILLES DE RAIS. ~ 600 murders.
  3. PETER NIERS. 544 murders.
  4. AMELIA DYER. ~ 400 murders.
  5. PEDRO LOPEZ. ~ 350 murders.
  6. JOHN JOHNSON. ~ 300 murders.
  7. HERMAN MUDGETT. ~ 200 murders.
  8. DANIEL CAMARGO. ~ 150 murders.
12 Aug 2022

Which serial killers ate their victims? ›

Some murderers, such as Albert Fish, Boone Helm, Andrei Chikatilo, and Jeffrey Dahmer, are known to have devoured their victims after killing them.

Who is the rat man killer? ›

Tsutomu Miyazaki

Has Zodiac killer been found? ›

The mysterious Zodiac Killer is believed to have fatally stabbed or shot at least five people in Northern California from 1968 to 1969. He was known to send taunting letters and cryptograms that often included astrological symbols and references to police and newspapers. The Zodiac Killer has never been caught.

What serial killer has the highest IQ? ›

Kemper was nicknamed the Co-ed Killer, as most of his victims were female college students hitchhiking in the vicinity of Santa Cruz County, California. He is noted for his height of 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m) and his intellect, possessing an IQ of 145.
Edmund Kemper
Conviction(s)First-degree murder (×8)
16 more rows

How old is the Zodiac killer? ›

Mageau described his attacker as a 26-to-30-year-old, 195-to-200-pound (88 to 91 kg) or possibly even more, 5-foot-8-inch (1.73 m) white male with short, light brown curly hair.

Who was the last caught serial killer? ›

Samuel Little
Span of crimes1970–2005 (confirmed) 1960–2012 (possible)
CountryUnited States
State(s)California, Texas, and Ohio (convicted) 16 others (accused)
Date apprehendedSeptember 5, 2012
11 more rows

Is the Zodiac a true story? ›

Zodiac on Netflix is based on the true story of the Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac Killer was prominent in Northern California throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The killer is known to have killed five and injured two others, but they claim themselves to have killed 37 people.

When was the first Zodiac killing? ›

The first known confirmed Zodiac murders took place on December 20, 1968, on Lake Herman Road in California. The victims were David Arthur Faraday, 17, and Betty Lou Jensen, 16, both of which were shot with a . 22 handgun.

Who cracked the zodiac code? ›

The researchers–including David Oranchak, a computer programmer in Roanoke, Virginia; Sam Blake, an applied mathematician at the University of Melbourne; and Jarl van Eycke, a Belgian codebreaker and warehouse worker–had all tried, unsuccessfully, to break the Zodiac's 340-character code before joining forces in 2018, ...

What is a normal IQ? ›

On many tests, a score of 100 is considered the average IQ. Sixty-eight percent of scores fall within one standard deviation of the mean (that is, between 85 and 115). That means that nearly 70% of all people score within plus or minus 15 points of the average score.

Is 136 IQ good? ›

85 to 114: Average intelligence. 115 to 129: Above average or bright. 130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted.

What IQ is genius? ›

The average score on an IQ test is 100. Most people fall within the 85 to 114 range. Any score over 140 is considered a high IQ. A score over 160 is considered a genius IQ.

What is Zodiac real name? ›

Today, TMZ (via Fox News) revealed an investigative team called "The Case Breakers," a group of more than 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists and military intelligence officers, announced that they have cracked the case, naming Gary Francis Poste as the true Zodiac Killer.

Who survived the Zodiac killings? ›

Mike Renault Mageau and Bryan Calvin Hartnell, two of the six Zodiac victims, both survived the attacks and have attested to the scar on their attackers forehead. Their accounts were crucial in cracking the case. FBI agents have yet to validate Poste as the Zodiac.

How old would Jack the Ripper be today? ›

If Jack the Ripper was only 16 when he committed the murders he would be well over 140 years old. It is safe to say Jack The Ripper is dead!

How many unknown serial killers are there? ›

This would put the number of unidentified serial killers operating in the U.S. somewhere around 2,100. However, former police detective and author of a dozen books on serial murder, Michael Arntfield, suspects that number to be closer to double that — around 4,000 currently active serial killers.

How many serial killers in the United States currently? ›

At any one time, it's believed that there are around 25-50 active serial killers lurking in the dark corners of the USA, stalking the streets and highways for their next potential victim.

How many killings makes a serial killer? ›

The term 'serial killings' means a series of three or more killings, not less than one of which was committed within the United States, having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors.

It’s a case built on a shoddy confession and community bias, and includes allegations of Satanism, sexual abuse and mutilation. To this day, it inspires fierce debate and accusations of guilt, while the facts and evidence remain contested. What’s known is that three young boys were murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993. Three teenagers were arrested and convicted for the crimes. Two were sentenced to life in prison, and the third received the death penalty.

Who Killed The Forgotten West Memphis Three?. Oxygen Insider Exclusive!. Host and investigator Bob Ruff explores the flaws from the original ""West Memphis Three"" case to lay the groundwork for his evidence-driven investigation.. What’s known is that three young boys were murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993.. Three teenagers were arrested and convicted for the crimes.. In 2011, after almost two decades in prison, the West Memphis Three agreed to an Alford plea, which allowed them to proclaim their innocence while admitting the prosecution had enough evidence to convict them, and they were released from prison.. Echols’ friend, Jason Baldwin, 16, was subsequently wrapped up in the investigation, and a third teenager, Jessie Misskelley Jr., 17, also came under scrutiny.. Although Misskelley recanted his confession, it was enough evidence to convict him.. They were both found guilty on three counts of capital murder, according to the Arkansas Times .. In June 1996, HBO aired “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills,” the first of three documentaries that took a critical look at the case, highlighting law enforcement’s questionable investigation tactics and lack of physical evidence tying Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley to the murders.. While the Arkansas State and U.S. Supreme Courts repeatedly denied the West Memphis Three’s appeals, a new batch of DNA testing done in 2007 showed that no genetic material on the crime scene evidence was a match to Echols, Baldwin or Misskelley, reported the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette .. Baldwin, 34, Echols and Misskelley, both 36, pleaded guilty to first- and second-degree murder charges while proclaiming their innocence, according to The New York Times .. Misskelley still lives in West Memphis and has kept a low profile since his release.. To this day, it is still unclear who is responsible for the killings.. Get all your true crime news from Oxygen.

Check out our list of the world's most famous serial killers - these popular murderer's horrific stories may keep you up at night.

In this list, we’re going to look at the following famous serial killers:. He was executed in 1989 and remains (probably) the most famous serial killer of all time.. Bundy liked young women, Gacy liked teen boys, Gein liked dead women.. He went from 1977 to 1985 without murdering anyone, and again from 1987 to 1991.. By this point, he’d killed 10 people, and he never killed again.. Known as the Werewolf of Wysteria , Fish was a serial murderer, child killer and cannibal who claimed to have eaten “children in every state.” Between 1924 and 1932, Fish abducted, killed and ate at least three children, although he claimed to have killed many more.. More famously known as the Green River Killer , Gary Ridgway amassed one of the highest serial killer body counts in U.S. history, having murdered at least 49 women over the span of almost 20 years.. January 18, 2021 at 07:53amWow these are some disturbing serial killers. January 29, 2020 at 11:27amAlbert Fish, H.H.. January 29, 2020 at 11:28amAlbert fish would be a good one. January 24, 2020 at 15:19pmHH Holmes, Green River Killer

These are history’s most infamous serial killers.

Death” after his horrific killing spree came to light, was sentenced to life in prison after killing over 200 patients.. One of history’s deadliest serial killers was a married family man who managed to squeeze in 218 credited murders (and as many as 250) while working as a popular British physician.. Harold Shipman began his murderous spree in 1972, and it’s believed he killed at least 71 patients while working at his first practice, and double that number at a second practice he joined after butting heads with colleagues who found him arrogant, brusque and overconfident.. Shipman’s luck ran out later that year, when the daughter of his final victim, lawyer Kathleen Grundy, claimed he’d not only killed her mother, but had also tried to create a new, fake will, naming him as her sole beneficiary.. Murderer Belle Gunness who killed up to 15 men for their insurance.. In 1978, when a 15-year-old boy who had last been seen with Gacy (whose construction business the teenager was hoping to work for) went missing, police obtained a search warrant for Gacy’s house.. In a 4-foot crawl space beneath the house, where a penetrating odor was present, they were shocked to find the decomposing bodies of 29 boys and teenagers that Gacy had raped and murdered.. In addition to the bodies found at his house, Gacy admitted to killing several additional men, disposing of their bodies in a nearby lake.. Dahmer was arrested after police found the body parts of 11 men in his Milwaukee apartment.. When the victim led police back to his captor’s apartment, they discovered photographs of dismembered bodies, the severed heads and genitalia of several other men and a tub full of acid that Dahmer had used to dispose of some of his 17 victims.. Dahmer’s sensational trial, featuring lurid descriptions of his eating the body parts of some of his victims and admissions of necrophilia, renewed the world’s interest in serial killers.. Following a difficult adolescence, Bundy graduated from the University of Washington—and soon embarked on his murderous spree, killing his first victim in Seattle in 1966.. He moved to Florida, where he killed several members of a sorority and his final victim, a 12-year-old girl who he raped and murdered.. Holmes was eventually convicted of the murders of four people, but he confessed to at least 27 more killings before being hanged in 1896.

Perhaps what's even scarier than the violence committed by serial killers is the fact some were never caught. While we can never know for sure how many serial killers are still at large, we do know of six that were never punished for their crimes.

Date of birth: Unknown Aliases/Nicknames: Bible John Characteristics: Rape, beating, murder Number of victims: 3 Date of murders: February 22, 1968 –October 31, 1969 Date of arrest: Unknown suspect Murder method: Strangulation Known victims: Patricia Docker, 25; Jemima McDonald, 32; Helen Puttock, 29 Crime location: Glasgow, ScotlandStatus: Unsolved. Early photos of Tobin are very similar to the identikit picture of Bible John Tobin’s ex -wives all claimed to have been throttled, raped and beaten by him Tobin had been living in Glasgow at the time and moved away in 1969 He used to frequent the Barrowland Ballroom Tobin met his first wife at the ballroom at the same time as the murders stopped Tobin had strong religious views and was a Roman Catholic Tobin became e nraged by a woman’s menstrual cycle. Piet Van Lier/Ap Images Date of birth: Unknown Aliases/Nicknames: Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run Characteristics: Dismemberment, decapitation, castration, use of chemicals Number of Number of victims: 12- 20 Date of murders: 1935 - 1938 Date of arrest: Not captured Murder method: Most likely decapitation Known victims: Edward Andrassy; Florence Genevieve Polillo; others unidentified. Background The Cleveland Torso Murderer remains unidentified to this day, and has been linked to up to twenty murders between 1935 and 1938 .. Those that worked on the Cleveland Torso Murderer case believe that there are other murders he may be responsible for including some from the 1920s and 1950s.. Murders The first victim attributed to the Torso Murderer was Edward Andrassy, found in the Jackass Hill area of Kingsbury Run.. Timeline of known murders: September 23, 1935 - Edward AndrassySeptember 23, 1935 - John Doe IJanuary 26/February 7, 1936 - Florence Genevieve Polillo June 5, 1936 - John Doe II "The Tattooed Man"July 22, 1936 - John Doe IIISeptember 10, 1936 - John Doe IVFebruary 23, 1937 - Jane Doe VJune 6, 1937 - Jane Doe VIJuly 6, 1937 - John Doe VIIApril 8, 1938 - Jane Doe VIIIAugust 16, 1938 - Jane Doe IXAugust 16, 1938 - John Doe X. Murders The first murder believed to be the work of the Freeway Phantom was that of Carol Spinks, a 13- year-old girl who had been sent to the grocery store.. It would be another year before the next murder victim was found.. shutterstock Date of birth: October 8, 1948 Aliases/Nicknames: The Monster of the Andes Characteristics: Rape, Pedophilia Number of victims: 53 - 300+ Date of murders: 1969 - 1980, possibly 2002 Date of arrest: March 9, 1980 Murder method: Strangulation Known victims: Unnamed young girls aged 9 - 12 years Crime location: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador Status: Absconded from authorities in 1998 - unknown status or whereabouts.. Murders After his release from prison, López went on an astonishing murder spree in Colombia and Ecuador, averaging three murders each week.. Cheynet/Ap Images Date of birth: August 15, 1896 Aliases/Nicknames: The Good Lady of Loudun Characteristics: Poisoning for financial gain Number of victims: 0 - 12 Date of murders: 1927 - 1949 Date of arrest: July 21, 1949 Murder method: Arsenic poisoning

Here is our pick of the 12 deadliest serial killers of all time.

Deadliest Serial Killers of All Time. By definition, serial killers are criminals who commit multiple murders in different times and locations without any well-established motive.. Serial killing is something that dates back into ancient times.. Public interest in the topic was renewed in the 1880s when an anonymous serial killer by name Jack the Ripper wrote letters to police claiming to be the one behind the mysterious murder cases of some prostitutes in London.. Here are 12 deadliest serial killers of all time.. Erzebet Bathory was a 16th-century Hungarian serial killer who unleashed a bloody reign of terror, torture and killings.. Ted Bundy | Deadliest Serial Killers of All Time. By the time full evidence was gathered, Ted Bundy had killed over 30 female victims in 7 different American states.. Once his victims entered his home, Dahmer would drug his victims and kill them.. Deadliest serial killers of all time | Aileen Wuornos. Serial killers are mostly of the male gender, but that does not mean that serial killing is only in the blood of men — the rot also extends to women as well, just as we are about to see in Aileen Wuornos’ case.. Whatever the case may be, Aileen Wuornos showed that female serial killers can just be as brutal as their male counterparts.. Belle Gunness | Deadliest Serial Killers of all time. In Washington State, Gary Ridgway, aka the Green River Killer lost count of his murdered victims when he was finally caught.. His killing history can be traced back to 1982 when he killed a teenage boy by strangling him.

American Horror Story featured some real killers.

Ryan Murphy’s highly successful horror television series, American Horror Story , never misses the opportunity to include a real-life serial killer, no matter the season’s setting.. From season 1’s AHS: Murder House to its most recent season 9 AHS: 1984, there is never a dull moment when America’s most heinous criminals make a guest appearance.. Throughout the show’s run, one episode in particular sticks out as having the most serial killers, AHS: Hotel’s season 5, episode 4, “Devil’s Night.” The owner of the Hotel Cortez, James March , invites his fellow murderers to attend a dinner known as Devil’s Night.. While “Devil’s Night” sticks out for many true crime and horror fans, the series features even more notorious and sinister killers in historically accurate—yet dramatized—ways.. SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY In order to understand the use of these murderers in the series as well as their historical accuracy, every season of American Horror Story must be examined with a clear and concise lens.. Starting from the very beginning with AHS: Murder House , the inclusion of real-life serial killers continues to grow in Murphy's universe.. AHS: Coven season 3, episode 6, “The Axeman Cometh” begins in 1919 with the murders caused by the Axeman of New Orleans.. AHS: Coven captures the brutality of LaLaurie ( Kathy Bates ) in season 3, episode 1, “Bitchcraft”, but does not include that the real person escaped to France before she could be punished by an angry mob who, subsequently, burned her mansion to the ground.. Aileen Wuornos is portrayed by Lily Rabe in AHS: Hotel season 5, episode 4, “Devil’s Night.” She is adamant about her hatred of men while sporting her iconic hair and clothing style.. His first was during the Devil’s Night dinner in season 5, and the second was in AHS: 1984 as one of the main killers.. American Horror Story’s depiction of Dahmer is indicative of who he was in real-life, and the actor (Seth Gabel) looks remarkably similar to the serial killer.. In season 7, episode 9, “Drink The Kool-Aid,” Peters appears as Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, and David Koresh.. The final cult leader portrayed by Peters in Cult appeared in season 7, episode 10, “Charles (Manson) In Charge”.. Throughout the entirety of American Horror Story , Ryan Murphy has never shied away from including some of America’s most nefarious killers, and likely will find new ones to include in future seasons.

There's no doubt about it: We have a grotesque fascination with anything macabre. That's why serial killers are considered both horrendous and deeply fascinating. We can't help but want to learn more about these disturbed individuals — or at the…

A "serial killer" is officially defined as someone who kills three or more people, but spread out over time.. The behavior exhibited by serial killers range from the atrocious (sexually assaulting victims before killing them) to the nightmarish (cannibalizing victims' bodies) to the absolutely unimaginable (doing all of that in a clown suit).. Just because you're evil and murderous doesn't mean you can't be sentimental — Bundy kept the severed heads of his victims as keepsakes.. Arguably the most well-known female serial killer of all time, Wuornos killed at least seven men when she was working as a prostitute between 1989 and 1990.. Though Ed Gein's victim count is pretty low compared to some of the other people on this list — he was only found guilty of two murders — the absolutely sick nature of his crimes make him one of the most notorious serial killers in history.. Known as the "Green River Killer," Gary Ridgway was convicted of 49 murders, making him the most prolific American serial killer (based on confirmed killings).

While there are indeed real serial murderers out there, the truth is quite a few of them may have never existed in the first place.

It's difficult to turn away from stories of serial killers.. Whether their stories contain a grain of truth or are totally fictional, some of the most notorious stories of serial killers are actually made from nothing at all.. The murderer in question was once widely believed to be an active serial killer who operated in New York City, says A&E .. And some of his confessions were downright unbelievable, like the claim that he had been part of a secretive serial killer cult that met in rural Florida to plot murders and consume human flesh (via The Oklahoman ).. Many true crime sources will report on the case of the Polish serial killer known as the "Red Spider" as if it were a verifiable fact.. He's even appeared in textbooks like " Serial Killers Around the World ," which reports that the Red Spider was a man known as Lucian Staniak who killed along mass transit lines.. Perhaps most tellingly, no one's been able to produce police reports or court records that, for other known serial killers, usually supports the claim that they're real.. Not only was there an unidentified killer leaving DNA around at least six murder scenes, but that serial killer was a woman.. Few serial killer cases have been quite as picked over as that of Jack the Ripper , the unidentified murderer who stalked the Whitechapel district of London in 1888, brutally murdering at least five sex workers and indigent women over the course of two months (via History ).. It's possible that some of the murders were committed by "copycat" killers seeking to go undetected while everyone was searching for a different murderer.. Only, once people moved past the wild tales and conspiracy theories, it became pretty clear that there was no serial killer happening.

Set in the age when criminal psychology was a new concept for FBI, Joe Penhall’s ‘Mindhunter‘ attempts to dive-in the thinking of serial killers. The Netflix series is about two FBI agents who follow their approach in the search for reasons that drive the minds of the criminals. Played by Jonathan Groff, FBI special agent […]

Set in the age when criminal psychology was a new concept for FBI, Joe Penhall’s ‘ Mindhunter ‘ attempts to dive-in the thinking of serial killers.. Played by Jonathan Groff, FBI special agent Holden Ford begins to contemplate a criminal’s mind.. Developing his not-so-commonly-accepted interest, Holden meets another special agent Bill Tench (played by Holt McCallany) and psychology professor Wendy Carr (played by Anna Torv) at the Behavioral Science Unit.. To get a better understanding of the criminal’s thought process, the agents question many imprisoned serial killers across the country.. ‘ Mindhunter Season 1′ is set in the late 1970s when criminal psychology was introduced in the FBI.. He helps the agents to understand what they couldn’t before; the working of a serial killer’s mind.. This time, the story goes around Wayne Williams (played by Christopher Livingston), another serial killer who was arrested for killing two men but reveals killing at least 28 kids in from of the officers.. Characters such as Edmund Kemper and Wayne Williams are infamous names of criminals from history but exactly how true is their criminal history shown in ‘Mindhunter’?. The characters of FBI agents, Holden and Bill are only partially based on real-life people.. The duo traveled around the country to interview serial killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Charles Manson.. In fact, ‘Mindhunter’ is based on John Douglas and Mark Olshaker’s true-crime book ‘Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit.’ The character of Jack Crawford in ‘ Silence of the Lambs ‘ and Will Graham in ‘ Hannibal ‘ is said to be inspired by John’s experiences.. In season 2 of ‘Mindhunter’, the last serial killer to be interviewed is Wayne Williams played by Christopher Livingston.. Charles Manson, the cult leader’s role is played by actor, Damon Herriman not only in ‘Mindhunter’ but also in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’ The book ‘Mindhunter’ gives a difference between Charles Manson and Ed kemper’s behavior.. All the other true cases mentioned in ‘Mindhunter’ are: David Berkowitz played by Oliver Cooper, William Henry Hance played by Corey Allen, Elmer Wayne Henley played by Robert Aramayo, Tex Watson played by Christopher Backus, Monte Ralph Rissell played by Sam Strike and Paul Bateson played by Morgan Kelly.

At any one time there are 25 - 50 active serial killers in the US. Check out our unsettling current list of recent and historical unsolved serial killer cases.

Despite the distance between them, some detectives think that drownings are actually the work of a serial killer or group of serial killers.. In 2002, Lopez was suspected of being responsible for a new murder .. Police found crude pornographic drawings on the walls near where every body was found.. He was also suspected in the murder of a young woman in 2010.. Every serial killer has his/her MO.. I don’t drink or do drugs.. Judge mental people that don’t know struggles of addiction would degrade or insult the memory of the women who escorted, tricked, hooked, dated, sex workers, prostitutes or whatever you want to refer to them as does not make them any less human or deserving to live.. Not all people are bad people.

Some evaded justice. Most didn't. All committed bone-chilling crimes.

Police were able to confirm nine murders but believed that Holmes may have killed up to 200 people over the course of his life, a number they based on missing people reports during the time of his criminal activity.. Between 1983 and 1985, Charles Ng (along with his partner in crime, Leonard Lake) tortured and killed up to 25 people at Lake's California cabin, which included a custom-built dungeon where many of the killings took place.. Soon after, Fromm told the police of this crime, and they began to search Haarmann's home, where they found evidence of his many murders.. Even among other infamous serial killings, these murders were particularly gruesome: Haarmann would often mutilate and dismember his victims, sometimes biting right through their necks.. At his trial, the killer narrowly escaped the death penalty (because Ukraine had just entered the Council of Europe, which prohibits its members from using the death penalty) and instead got life in prison.. When police discovered Kearney had been seen with the dead teen, they tracked him down, and he pled guilty to 35 murders to avoid the death penalty.. What they didn't know was that Eyler was responsible for the deaths of some 17 other young men — something they only found out when his lawyer released a list of his other victims after Eyler's death in prison in 1994.. In 1993, police were searching the area of a recent murder when they found an abandoned shack with a noose hanging from the ceiling in preparation for a new murder.. Police knew the crimes were connected, but they weren't looking at Gaidamachuk until one of her elderly victims escaped and told them the killer was a woman — a possibility they hadn't considered.. In 2012, she was sentenced to just 20 years in prison for 17 murders.. Randy Kraft , known as the Scorecard Killer for the list of victims found on him at the time of his arrest, is believed to have killed as many as 67 young men, many of them Marines, between 1971 and 1983.. In 1989, Kraft was found guilty of sixteen counts of murder and sentenced to death.

Interested in learning more about the most interesting serial killers? Check out these well-known or less-talked-about serial killers.

And yet, there are some serial killers who simply kill because they want to.. From 1978 to 1991, he killed 17 people.. The world’s most prolific serial killer may not be known, because so many serial killers admit to more (or fewer) murders than they actually commit.. Little’s story was not as dramatic as Ted Bundy’s or the Green River Killer’s, despite killing more than those two men (or most serial killers in American history.). Will we ever know who the killer was or how many murders he committed?

10 Most Famous Serial Killers of the World will surely attract your attention. The primary motive behind these murders is psychological reasons.

For the ones who do not know who is a “ Serial Killer ,” I would like to clarify that such a person carries out serial murders.. Actually, a serial killer is a name given to such persons who murders three or more people, on a regular interval or two-three events over a period of time.. However, there are some who have stolen the spotlight for their hideous act of serial killing.. This post tries to figure out 10 Most Famous Serial Killers of the World .. So, if you have a repulsion or fascination with the lives and acts of serial killers, this post of 10 Most Famous Serial Killers of the World will surely attract your attention.. However, what is common in most of the other serial killers, there was no sign of violence, sexual abuse, or known reason for these murders.. Javed Iqbal was a yet another famous serial killer who belonged to Pakistan.. He was a famous serial killer who belonged to the United States.. Also known as the “Acid Bath Murderer”, John George Haigh was a famous serial killer of the 1940s.. Jack the Ripper is one of the most famous names in the history of Serial Killing.. No one will like to face any Serial Killers, and I hope you will be careful after reading about these Serial Killers.

Many of the serial killings have been linked to mental illness, psychological reasons, and frustrations and in some cases revenge. There are many brutal serial killers from various countries with d…

Few serial killers have killed more than 100, while a few have murdered below 10 but violently.. Since the lists of serial killers are large, we have compacted to only the 20th century sadistic killers.. List of 10 most sadistic serial killers of 20th century who have tortured their victims brutally before killing:. Dean Corll was an American serial killer who along with his two young teenage accomplices abducted, raped, tortured and killed more than 28 boys from 1970 to 1973, what was called as “Houston Mass Murders”.. Robert Berdella was an American serial killer who is known to have physically assaulted, tortured and murdered at least six men between 1984 and 1987.. The sadistic killer is known to drain the blood of his victims to drink while he repeatedly sexually assaulted them.. Pedro Rodrigues Filho wanted to take revenge, so he went on a killing spree where he started torturing and killing people to know about the gangsters who killed his girlfriend.. Daniel Conahan is a suspected American serial killer and murderer who is linked to “The Hog Trail Killings”.. Andrei Chikatilo is a Soviet serial killer who assaulted, murdered and mutilated at least 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990.. Albert Fish was a sadistic cannibal serial killer from America who tortured young children, raped and consumed them.. Donald Henry Gaskins was a sadistic serial killer who is known to have confessed to killing 80 to 90 people purely for enjoyment.. Luis Garavito is known to have murdered more than 300 people, admitted to murder, physical assault and torture of 147 young boys.. David Parker Ray is the most brutal and sadistic serial killer in history, who is known as the “Toy Box Killer”.. The interesting part was he was only a suspected serial killer and was never convicted for any single murder.

The world has known many serial killers the list of such famous killers is endless. Here are 20 most evil and notorious serial killers the world has ever seen.

The killer operated in California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.. He operated in various states in the USA and confessed to killing 30 women.. biography The real killers or killer were never identified.. He confessed to the torture, rape and murder of 147 young boys.. Also, it is believed that he was in competition with another Russian serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 for 53 killings.. Cullen has been imprisoned for life.. He was convicted of 21 murders, but was sentenced to life because of his confession.. He was convicted for the murders of 6 people, although he claimed to have killed 9.. He was sentenced to death and hanged in 1949.. Between 1979 and 1980, he raped, tortured and murdered at least 21 young men.. While working as a prostitute, Aileen killed seven men in Florida for their money and confessed to shooting them, claiming all of them had either raped or attempted to rape her.. Convicted of 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death and spent 14 years on death row before he was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.. He claimed to have killed at least 70 people.. Sells broke into the bedroom of a 10-year-old girl, stabbing her and left her to die.. kens5 Arrested in 1973, Pedro was later convicted in 2003 for the murder of at least 71 people and was then sentenced to 128 years imprisonment.

The Giggling Granny, the Candy Man, and the Vampire of Hanover are somehow even more disturbing than they sound.

Alcala was eventually given the death sentence by the state of California for the murder of five people.. He claims that he raped, tortured, and murdered well over 100 victims.Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images. Even for a serial killer, Richard Chase is disturbing.. Eventually caught, Garavito is currently serving a 1,853-year sentence in a Colombian prison for the rape and murder of 138 children — though, by some counts, he may have killed as many as 400.Wikimedia Commons. By the time he was caught in 2006, Pichushkin had already killed at least 48 people in his native Russia, but he'd planned on killing more.

The Discovery+ doc “Scream: The True Story” sees “paranormal experts” probe the Gainesville Ripper, a deadly fiend who took the lives of five college students in gruesome fashion.

According to Discovery+’s “Shock Docs” true-crime series, we should presumably add to that illustrious list paranormal expert Steve Shippy and “world renowned psychic medium” Cindy Kaza, who after conversing with serial killer Ed Gein in this past April’s Ed Gein: The Real Psycho now attempt to chat with another famous fiend who inspired a popular horror movie franchise—Danny Rolling, aka the Gainesville Ripper—in Scream: The True Story (Jan. 14).. Only the naivest individuals will take Scream: The True Story seriously, given that it’s primarily comprised of scenes in which Shippy and Kaza putz around in the dark, telling each other scary stories about real-life crimes while their electronic spookshow-meter alarms go off and creepy specters answer their questions via a two-way radio box.. Shippy and Kaza’s modus operandi involves journeying to locales related to infamous incidents, prowling around with lights and techno-whatsits, and feigning shock, confusion and fear when they inevitably encounter that which they sought—all before fleeing the area once things become just too intense.. Scream: The True Story breaks up that action with lame dramatic recreations, drawings made by Rolling and a few initial clips from Wes Craven’s 1996 Scream , as well as some traditional contextual passages featuring footage from Rolling’s trial, TV news stories, and interviews with Smith and Rolling’s former fiancée, Sandra London.. Shippy and Kaza’s main theory isn’t just that Rolling was a puppet of Gemini (the name of the fiend from 1990’s The Exorcist III , by the way), but a victim of either a generational curse or a multigenerational possession that could date back to Rolling’s grandfather (who supposedly decapitated his wife in front of the family) and his father (who was an abusive cop).. Once they’ve finished their sleuthing at the campsite, Shippy and Kaza sit down with “Catholic Demonologist” Michael Salerno, who portentously opines, “The greatest thing Satan ever did was convince people that he doesn’t exist.. By the conclusion of Scream: The True Story , Gemini is admitting to Shippy and Kaza that he’s a “demon” who’s “in Hell,” while photographs from the duo’s time in the old Rolling house indicate that a black shadow was trying to attach itself to Shippy’s back when he inspected the aforementioned (and now-blood-stained) curtains.. That there’s a tidy resolution to this faux-nightmare is as laughable as it is predictable, since Shippy and Kaza’s schtick is not only identifying and interacting with the great beyond, but ridding our earthly plane of the spirits of serial killers who went on to become cinematic icons.

Learn about the real life inspiration behind The Clovehitch Killer, a movie about a teen who realizes his father is a serial killer.

Rader was best known for his penchant for leaving clues at crime scenes as well as taking keepsakes from his victims.. It seems that he had a mostly normal childhood, though he secretly did things like hanging stray animals.. Rader warned he would kill again in the future, stating, "The code words for me will be bind them, torture them, kill them, B.T.K.". In December of 1977 he entered the home of Nancy Fox and strangled her, then called the police to alert them of the murder.. Rader waited in the home of an elderly woman in April of 1979, but left before she came home.. His next known murders would not be for several years.. A forensic psychology professor named Katherine Ramsland released a book in 2016 titled Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer, that confirmed the Rader had plans to take the life of an 11th victim.. In the film, the main character Tyler's father is a Boy Scout leader as well as active in his church and with his family.

Some sensational murder cases grab our collective imagination and won't let go. The gruesome deeds of these recent U.S. murderers won't be forgotten.

The prosecution sought and was granted the death penalty as sentencing for 12 of Gacy's murders.. In 1978, Berkowitz confessed to the six murders and received a sentence of 25 years to life for each.. The man who came to be known as the Zodiac Killer confessed to 37 murders.. Rader pled guilty to all 10 murders and was sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences in prison.. Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images. In the early 1970s, the Zodiac killer had ceased preying on victims in California but by the end of the decade, the West Coast was once again being terrorized by a serial killer—or in this case, killers—dubbed "the Hillside Strangler.". Beginning in 1977, in a killing spree that started in Washington State and extended all the way to Los Angeles, the heinous pair raped, tortured, and murdered a total of 10 girls and young women,. Archive Photos / Getty Images. The 1947 Black Dahlia case remains one of the best-known unsolved murder cases in America.. He was later convicted of one murder and sentenced to death in California.. From serial killers to celebrity victims, some sensational murder cases grab our collective imagination and won't let go, like the unsolved Oakland County murders .

What psychologists have learned from their studies can perhaps be boiled down to one horrible truth - under the right conditions, anyone can become a serial killer. Read to learn about some of the most horrifying individuals to ever walk the earth.

Yet, psychologists have long tried to understand why some people become serial killers.. It is important to note that there is no particular cause of serial killing , but the traits below tend to be common amongst serial killers:. And while these traits appear to be common, there is no blueprint for what makes a serial killer, nor is there a certain set of experiences that can be pointed to as definitively creating a serial killer.. This is true whether a psychologist is working with a client to help them overcome depression, anxiety, or a phobia, and it’s true of psychologists that study serial killers, too.. Instead, psychologists have to rely on research, studies, and interviews with convicted serial killers to try to connect the dots – some of the dots, anyway – to see what they can learn about why serial killers develop.. There are plenty of terrifying serial killers that have stolen newspaper headlines over the years, and some of them have been studied by psychologists seeking answers about the causality of serial killing.. Eventually, Shipman was convicted in 2000, but only after a victim’s daughter reported that he had tried to write a will for the victim that would name him as the beneficiary.. Between 1978 and 1990, the Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo sexually assaulted, murdered, and mutilated more than 50 young women and children.. There’s deranged, and then there’s the type of deranged that describes the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.. German serial killer Joachim Kroll murdered at least 14 people, including young children, between 1955 and 1976.. He was also a totally deranged serial killer.. Nicknamed “Night Stalker,” Ramirez would break into homes and brutally murder his victims, sometimes raping them first.. Of all the deranged serial killers on this list, H.H.. Later called the “Murder Castle,” the building Holmes constructed had multiple hidden rooms where he would torture his victims, whom he eventually killed.

Who are the worst serial killers in history based on victim count, the horrible crimes they committed and other factors? This list finds out.

He is not the most well known US serial killer, but with a victim count of 49 and a suspected count of 90+, he really is one of the worst serial killers this country and this world has seen.. Years Active : 1989 to 1996 Proven Victim Count : 52 Potential Victim Count : 52+ killed Country : USSR and Ukraine. Years Active : 1978 to 1990 Proven Victim Count : 53 Potential Victim Count : 56 Country : USSR. Years Active : 2000 to 2003 Proven Victim Count : 67 Potential Victim Count : 67 Country : China. There is a trend for this list of the worst serial killers—you might think that a list of the worst serial killers like this would be dominated by murderers from North America, but it’s South America that seems to have produced the most evil killers in history.. Years Active : 1967 to 2003 Proven Victim Count : 71 Potential Victim Count : 100+ Country : Brazil. Years Active : 1974 to 1986 Proven Victim Count : 72 Proven Potential Victim Count : 180+ Country : Colombia and Ecuador. Years Active : 1969 to 1979 Proven Victim Count : 110 Proven Potential Victim Count : 300+ Country : Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Years Active : 1969 to 1979 Proven Victim Count : 110 Proven, 300+ Suggested Potential Victim Count : 300+ Country : Colombia, Peru and Ecuador

A spine-chilling look inside the psyche of a serial killer.

Sometimes the alterations are made to mislead the investigators and are merely known as staging .. The act of leaving a victim’s body in an unusual position is a conscious criminal action by an offender to thwart an investigation, shock the finder and investigators of the crime scene, or give perverted pleasure to the killer.. In most cases, DeSalvo left his victims with their genitals exposed toward the door.. Often coined as the world’s first serial killer, Jack the Ripper left his victims in sexually degrading positions to emphasize that he considered them disposable.. According to Dr Robert D. Keppel, the Ripper often left the victims’ legs splayed and their genitalia exposed.. Dahmer posed his victims’ bodies in various positions, which he found to be sexually significant.. Dahmer photographed his victim’s bodies in various positions, which he found to be sexually significant.. Perhaps one of the most significant and most analyzed cases of posing is the George Russell murders.. “Somebody had taken quite some time staging the body.. Once again, Russell took his time to pose the victim.. According to Dr Robert D. Keppel, in George Russell’s case, the victims “were posed in sexually degrading positions: naked, arms spread or folded over as if in deliberate repose, holding or supporting items that revealed the killer’s attitude toward them, and legs deliberately spread.”. As part of the pose, only items that the killer found at the crime scene were incorporated into the victim’s portraits—the crime shots that he knew would be taken by police photographers.


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