In Remembrance of Chris Cornell (2022)

In Remembrance of Chris Cornell (1)

I was born in the early 80’s and I grew up listening to rock music. Later on in my childhood I would hangout with my older cousin and he would put on this type of music that would stick with me for the next 30 years and most likely for the rest of my life. I did not know what this type of music was called. It had drums, guitars, and a bass guitar. I remember always listening out for the bass parts of the songs. My favorite part of the song was always the bass parts. I would find out later that that the type of music we listened to was called grunge. We would listen to bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.

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Chris Cornell was born Christopher John Boyle in Seattle, WA on July 20, 1964. He was the fourth oldest of six children. Cornell was his mothers maiden name. He decided to take his mothers last name after his parents divorced. After the divorce his father would not be involved in his life from that point moving forward and his mother Karen, an accountant would be raise him by herself.

Cornell dropped out of school at fifteen and worked at a seafood warehouse and as a cook because he wanted to help his mother out financially since she was a single mother. He developed depression at a young age and became more of a loner during his teen years, and did not leave his home for almost a year. He would turn to music for release and started learning how to play the drums that his mother bought him when he was sixteen years old. He also took piano and guitar lessons when he was a child. His favorite musicians were Little Richard and The Beatles.

Going through high school was not easy. I graduated by the skin of my teeth. I did not care whether I graduated from high school or not. I did it for my mom though. I contemplated dropping out of school like Cornell at a young age. But, then I said to myself, “If I dropout, what the hell am I going to do for the rest of my life?” Twenty years later here I am in college and a less than away from earning my Associates Degree.

Cornell’s music inspires me on a personal level to go out, do things and not give up on what I am doing. I feel like when I listen to his music I can do anything that I set my mind to and that is why I am still in school. His music is making me want to go far in my education. I do not think I am done after I earn my associates degree at the end of the year. That is how powerful Cornell’s music is, it inspires people to go out and do things and challenge themselves.

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During the early eighties, Cornell played in a cover band called The Shemps with other founding members of what would be known later as Soundgarden. Soundgarden would form in 1984 and would play to together for the next thirteen years.

Their most successful album was titled “Superunknown” and my favorite songs from that album are “Black Hole Sun,” “Spoonman” and “Fell On Black Days”. Success would get the best of Cornell as he dove deeper into his addictions as well as depression. However Soundgarden managed to create one more album before they disbanded.

That album would be titled “Down On The Upside”. I feel that their last album “Down On The Upside” was the best album that the band released. It felt more dark and I could feel Cornell’s pain through his lyrics from songs like “Blow Up The Outside World” and “Pretty Noose”.

After the band broke up Cornell would take a year off from music, before embarking on a solo career that would last for the next 2 years. When his solo career did not amount to much success he formed a group with the remaining members of Rage Against The Machine: Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk.

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Audioslave recorded 3 albums together during their 6 year run together and recorded hits such as “Like A Stone,” “Gasoline,” “Show Me How To Live” “Be Yourself” and “Doesn’t Remind Me”. In 2007, Audioslave broke up because Cornell was not getting along with the other member of the band.

Audioslave would reunite for the last time in 2017 only months before Cornell’s death.

After the break-up of Audioslave, Cornell returned to his solo career and would release 2 solo albums. He would also go on tour in support of them.

In 2010, rumors of Soundgarden reuniting began to go around after Cornell posted a cryptic message on his website. Soundgarden would reunite a few months later after they announced they would be headline Lollapalooza later that year.

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Soundgarden would go on a reunion tour in 2011 and release their first album in over sixteen years the following year. The album titled “King Animal” would be the bands only studio album that they would release. I was privileged enough to see Soundgarden in concert when they came to Los Angeles on this tour and I feel like the music was just overpowering his voice; like his voice did not have the same strength as it once did to hit the high notes of the songs they performed.

In addition to their studio album Soundgarden would release 2 compilation albums “Telephantasm” in 2012 and “Echo of Miles” in 2014.

Soundgarden started recording new material for their next album the following year but went unfinished due to Cornell’s death in 2017. After his death the remaining members of Soundgarden still worked on completing the album but as of 2019 the album remained unfinished.

Cornell is also known for his contributions to songs that he performed. He was most notable for singing alongside Pearl Jam consisting of Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready in the early 90’s. Together they were known as Temple of the Dog and were best known for their song “Hunger Strike”. The supergroup was briefly formed after the death of Andrew Wood.

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Chris Cornell died on May 18, 2017 at the MGM Grand in Detroit, Mich. His bodyguard found him unresponsive in the bathroom of his hotel a few hours after Soundgarden had finished performing at the Fox Theatre. He was found on the floor with an exercise band around his neck and blood coming out of his mouth.

Medics were not successful in reviving Cornell when they arrived on the scene and was pronounced dead at the age of fifty-two. His death was ruled to be suicide by hanging as there were no signs of foul play that were discovered by police or the medical examiner that performed the autopsy on Cornell.

I have issues with anxiety and depression like Cornell did and I was prescribed Ativan along with other prescription drugs and I am afraid to take it since Cornell’s death. If there is anything to take away from anything that I have said I would like readers to know that depression is very real. The grunge era of rock and roll music has inspired me in so many ways; one thing that the lyrics of Cornell has taught me is to have a strong mind in everything that I do.

Cornell was an instrumental figure in the grunge community of the early nineties, which has since been virtually annihilated by suicide and drug addiction.

Soundgarden was formed in Seattle, in 1984, and the band became an inadvertent forerunner of a new genre—grunge, a pained and scuzzy mélange of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk.. “Louder Than Love” is a dissonant and confrontational rock record that plainly recalls early Black Sabbath; play it at the right volume, at the right time of night, and you might feel as if you are accidentally conjuring ancient demons.. Soundgarden was always a melodic band—buried in the aggression are all these beautiful little riffs—but it became more explicitly palatable by 1994, when the band released “Superunknown,” a record that produced several charting singles, including the surreal, careening “ Black Hole Sun ,” which won the band a Grammy, for Best Hard-Rock Performance.. The band itself was an unlikely and fleeting ensemble, built by Cornell in pure and earnest homage to Andy Wood, a Seattle musician who had recently died, at twenty-four, of a heroin overdose.. The idea was to get a bunch of Wood’s friends and former bandmates together—including Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament, of Pearl Jam; and Matt Cameron, then of Soundgarden and now also of Pearl Jam—to write and perform a batch of rock songs that weren’t explicitly about Wood (though two, “Reach Down” and “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” address his death directly) but might instead offer the band a comfortable way to collectively grieve.. 4 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart; it features Cornell in a duet with Eddie Vedder (who was then fairly new to town, and not an official member of the band) while McCready plays a pretty, looping riff on a reissued 1962 Stratocaster.. Cornell sings the first verse, and then Vedder sings the exact same verse again.. In the last several decades of American music, many of the most muscular and idiosyncratic voices have emerged from rock, a genre that—unlike, say, rhythm and blues, or pop—essentially frees a singer from any expectations of technical virtuosity.. My favorite song by Cornell is “ Seasons ,” a solo track he recorded for the soundtrack to the movie “Singles,” Cameron Crowe’s paean to being young and mixed up in Seattle.

Set for the one-year anniversary of his death

Set for the one-year anniversary of his death. It’s been almost a year since the death of Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell .. Over the weekend, his late wife Vicky Cornell shared a statement, thanking fans for their support in the year since his passing.. “Your love has created a close-knit community; more like a family; to grieve with, to provide support, and to help us heal,” she wrote.. “We could not have gotten through these last twelve months without you.”. Vicky Cornell has also announced a public vigil in Chris’ honor, to be held on the one-year anniversary of his passing—May 18—at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles at 7PM.. Find the statement below.

REMEMBERING CHRIS CORNELL… by Dany Jones These are the sombre days of the Rock world, when once again, due to the loss of yet another irreplaceable talent, the earth stands still and tributes start pouring in in remembrance of the soul taken way too soon. Chris Cornell ‘the voice’, artist […]

It is then that he comes across Cold Bitch, a bonus track only released on the US version of the SOUNDGARDEN album Badmotorfinger.. It is here that the idea of recording some SOUNDGARDEN covers was born, however, due to hectic touring schedules and concentrating on the recording of the band’s new album, the project only sees the light at a much later date.. In 2018, DIAMOND HEAD management hinted at recording a cover of SOUNDGARDEN’s Rusty Cage as a bonus track on the new DH album The Coffin Train (which will be 1 year old on the 24th May), due to the resemblance of vocal tone between the two artists, however that does not quite go to plan and it ultimately gets scrapped.. The 5 song EP sees the light at VADA Studios in Birmingham and it includes SOUNDGARDEN’s Let Me Drown, Bleed Together , Limo Wreck and, of course, Rusty Cage and Cold Bitch.. “Trying to live up to your hero and hope that you do his memory justice is an intimidating and scary thing”.. Rasmus Bom Andersen has one last thing to say: “Thank you for everything Chris!”

The iconic landmark has paid tribute to the Soundgarden and Audioslave star after his suicide

Chris Cornell has been given a fitting tribute by the Seattle Space Needle going dark to honour his life.. The medical examiner released a verdict of suicide after investigating the situation, confirming that he had hanged himself in the bathroom of the MGM Grand hotel in Detroit, Michigan.. Confirming the police's initial belief that the Cochise rocker took his own life, the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office pronounced the cause of death as suicide on Thursday (. Rex Features). Chris had been performing with Soundgarden at Detroit's Fox Theatre on the evening of May 17 2017, where his last song, In My Time Of Dying, poignantly referenced his deathbed.. Later, Chris' wife Vicky Cornell called a family friend and asked him to check on the singer.. She had posted a message before the gig telling fans it was her band's last ever gig with Soundgarden.. The band played a sold-out gig at the Fox Theatre in Detroit (. Uncle Sam - Alive in Detroit/YouTube)

Tributes have been pouring in left and right since the news of Chris Cornell's tragic passing earlier this week. His former Audioslave bandmate and Rage Against The Machine member Tom Morello has already shared a eulogy, and now he's penned a poem in remembrance of the late Soundgarden frontman. Read it below via Rolling Stone.

Tributes have been pouring in left and right since the news of Chris Cornell's tragic passing earlier this week.. His former Audioslave bandmate and Rage Against The Machine member Tom Morello has already shared a eulogy, and now he's penned a poem in remembrance of the late Soundgarden frontman.. Read it below via Rolling Stone.. Tributes have been pouring in left and right since the news of Chris Cornell’s tragic passing earlier this week.. His former Audioslave bandmate and Rage Against The Machine member Tom Morello has already shared a eulogy , and now he’s penned a poem in remembrance of the late Soundgarden frontman.. Read it below via Rolling Stone .. You’re a prince, you’re a snare, you’re a shadow. You’re twilight and star burn and shade. You’re a sage, you’re a wound shared, you’re masked. You’re a pillar of smoke, you’re a platinum heart. You’re a brush fire, you’re caged, you’re free. You are pieces strewn on the hillside. You’re open armed, you’re armed, you’re true. You’re a revealer of visions, you’re the passenger, you’re a never fading scar. You’re twilight and star burn and shade

Chris Cornell, frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died this week at age 52. Over the last three decades Spin spoke to Cornell again and again—as he rose to grunge superstardom with Soundgarden, as he branched out with a solo career, and when he returned alongside members of Rage Against the Machine as Audioslave. In remembrance, we've gathered this collection of pieces from the…

Over the last three decades Spin spoke to Cornell again and again—as he rose to grunge superstardom with Soundgarden, as he branched out with a solo career, and when he returned alongside members of Rage Against the Machine as Audioslave.. Below, find cover stories on Soundgarden from 1994, 1996, and 2010; Cornell’s revealing 2006 interview about addiction and Audioslave; our 2014 oral history of Superunknown; and more treasures that give a look into the lifetime of a definitive figure of alt-rock.. In 1992, Chris Cornell appeared on the cover of Spin’s “Year of Grunge” issue.. 1994: Hammer of the Gods, by Jonathan Gold 1994: Hammer of the Gods, by Jonathan Gold. Read the April 1994 over story .. Read the July 1996 cover story by Mike Rubin.. 1997: Good Times, Bad Times, by Julia Chaplin 1997: Good Times, Bad Times, by Julia Chaplin. Read Spin’s feature , from the July 1997 issue.. “At first I didn’t like the idea,” Chris Cornell told him.. 2006: The SPIN Interview with Chris Cornell, by Dorian Lynskey 2006: The SPIN Interview with Chris Cornell, by Dorian Lynskey. In 2010, Baseball Hall of Famer Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson photographed Soundgarden at Lollapalooza and told Spin about his friendship with the band.. Now what?” asked Spin on the cover of the September 2010 issue.. For the album’s 20th anniversary in 2014, SPIN asked Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, and Ben Shepherd (and many others) to contribute to the Oral History of Superunknown .

Though Seattle’s been the home of more than a few rock legends, there are surprisingly few commemorations of that fact. Nothing honoring the likes of

A ceremony unveiling a specially commissioned statue of Cornell was unveiled this past Sunday, October 7, in front of the Paul Allen-funded warehouse of music, movies, and more, Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP).. Photo by Gillian G. GaarThe unveiling ceremony was held on a typically grey and overcast Seattle day (though as MoPOP artistic director Jasen Emmons noted, “The clouds tonight somehow feel right for an artist who brought us so much dark, beautiful music”).. The most moving speaker was Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell, who paid for and donated the statue to the city.. The soul of the city is what Chris Cornell knew … And so having this statue here, for all of us to remember, that as this city changes and grows, the thing that is most important are the people.”. The surviving members of Soundgarden and Cornell’s family flank the statue of Chris Cornell.


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