50+ best emotional tribute to a grandfather who passed away (2022)

50+ best emotional tribute to a grandfather who passed away (1)

Grandfathers have a special place in our families and our hearts. When they depart from us, we tend to find it difficult to get the right words to express just how we feel about the loss. An excellent tribute to a grandfather who has departed from us is such a touching way to honour their memories.

50+ best emotional tribute to a grandfather who passed away (2)

Grandfathers are the best storytellers, listeners and most importantly, best friends. They are always there to play with us, laugh with us and console us when need be. Due to their many years, they are the only source of sound advice. One thing is sure, the love of a grandfather will remain unique forever and will never be forgotten even when he is lying in the grave.

The best tribute to grandfather quotes

The times we spend with our grandfathers turn into treasured memories the moment they leave us to be with the Lord. Here is a list of some great messages of tributes to grandfathers that will help conserve the memories you hold so dear to your heart.

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Funeral tribute to grandfather from grandchildren

  • A grandfather is the only person whom I believe he knows everything since my granny has shown me over the year that he does and frankly, he was rarely wrong.
  • From the way you have been treating us throughout our lives, you have made me understand that no grandpa doesn't treasure and adore his grandchildren.
  • I believe that the most potent handclasp is that of a grandpa and his grandchildren. I will miss every moment we have ever shared.
  • In the years that I have spent with you granny, I have come to realize that each generation rebels against its fathers and makes great friends with its grandchildren.
  • My grandfather has taught me that all grandfathers re jut old-fashioned little boys who love and enjoy spending playful moments with their grandchildren.
  • Although my grandfather did numerous things in his life, one of the things that he has been proud of is raising such a beautiful and lovely family. We will miss your presence granny.
  • As we put you rest this day, am I happy that you have shown me eternal love and happiness through the uncounted hugs and kisses you have been giving me.
  • As you go to be with the Lord, we promise to carry along what you loved most, waking up early, so enjoy the sunrise which you loved, and we loved it as well.
  • Grandchildren will never stay young forever, which is an excellent thing for the grandfathers as they just have so many horsy rides in them. We will miss you dearly granny.

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Grandpa passed away quotes

  • Even though some fathers don't show affection to their children, there is no grandfather who doesn't love his grandchildren.
50+ best emotional tribute to a grandfather who passed away (5)
  • Grandpas are such incredible role models in life as it is through them that we get to learn and understand the gentle side of men.
  • The closest friends who have become a particular part of my life are the ones who have grown up close to loving grandparents.
  • You will remain in our hearts forever grandpa since there will never be any other person who can replace you in our hearts and souls and the great love we have for you.
  • A heart that is made of pure gold has stopped beating, one of the most hardworking hands have been put to rest as one way of God, showing us that he is interested in only the best.
  • Even if we searched the entire universe, we are sure that we will never fund a grandpa who is as loving and caring as you were to us. Rest in peace granny.
  • Even if you are dead, you are not genuinely gone since your memories will live on in our hearts and minds because we loved you and we will never forget about you.
  • My grandpa was the best teacher. Even though he taught me everything, he surely didn’t teach me how to live my life without him.
  • To us grandchildren, you have been a perfect grandfather since you have shown us that you are never afraid of the fierce storms and the bibs dogs, but you are super terrified of the word, darling.

Memorial quotes for grandpa

  • When I try to single out the person who has been inspired me most, I go back to my grandfather, rest in peace, dear.
  • I will miss my grandpa’s ears that listen genuinely, arms that hold you always, a love that is eternal and a heart that is made of pure gold.
  • To get the chance to the children of your children is such a great blessing, I am grateful for the time you have spent with, but we will miss you dearly.
  • Even in your death, I will miss your wisdom of the many years of experience and the pure love of an understanding heart.
  • A grandpa is a person who brings a little warmth, happiness, wisdom, and love to every soul that he touches. I am grateful for having such a wonderful grandpa like you.
  • It is only the great fathers that get the promotion to become grandfathers. I am lucky that my grandfather is among the great ones.

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50+ best emotional tribute to a grandfather who passed away (8)
  • I am sad that I will never see you again here on earth, but I will surely miss your wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration.
  • Your death has brought us great sadness because we have lost a person who has always been there to love us and fix us when we are not feeling okay.

Grandpa poems from granddaughter

  • A grandfather is the only man who has the ability to take up all her granddaughter’s problems and crumble them down just with one touch.
  • Grandfather love their children immediately, but with their granddaughters, it is more abrupt and long-lasting.
  • Grandpas and granddaughters grow a bond that can never be torn apart by anyone or anything in the world. They help each other during their high and the low moments and even when the grandpa dies, their memories are left to last forever.
  • My grandpa is the only person that I can look up to, regardless of how tall I will ever grow. I will miss your presence in my life.
  • My grandfather is such a precious gift from above for us to love and treasure. Even when you are gone to be with the Lord, you will be in our hearts forever.
  • There I was a point in my life where I did not believe in the existence heroes until I met my grandfather. I will miss you, dearly.
  • Even though your sudden death saddens me, I will be forever grateful that you made my childhood one of the most unforgettable moments in my entire life.
  • I will always hold you like the magician who created beautiful and unforgettable memories for your dearest granddaughter.
  • I loved my grandpa more than the fish in the ocean, more than the stars in the sky and more than the trees in the forest. I will miss you because you mean the world to me.

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Remembering grandpa quotes

  • We will not forget our grandpa since no one will ever take his place in our hearts, souls, and minds.
  • Even though my grandfather is not here with me at this moment, we will never be apart until I take my final breath because you will always be in my heart.
  • Throughout my life, I will treasure two memories that are so dear to me, your company and your infectious smile.
  • Even though our grandfather is no more, we will always be together in spirit until the day we will meet in heaven.
  • I miss your love, hugs and being happy, and even though I know that the sun will still rise tomorrow, it won't shine as bright as before without.
50+ best emotional tribute to a grandfather who passed away (10)
  • Although we cannot see your smile or hear your voice, deep down our hearts, we know that your presence is here with us.
  • Even in death, we are comforted with your presence that surrounds us through the singing of the birds, the rising of the sun and the falling of the night.
  • The Lord saw my granny getting tired, and there was no cure, and he did the best thing ever, whispering come to me and take a rest.

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Grandfather passed away quotes

  • I will never erase you in mind, and I promise to hold you in my heart till the day we will meet again in heaven.
  • It’s been long since I saw you, but I am grateful that the memories of you that I hold are those of your presence.
  • You went to be with the Lord too soon, how I wish I were given the time and opportunity to say goodbye, I will miss you, grandpa.
  • Even though my grandpa has gone to be with the Lord, I am glad that he held my hand for a while, but he will have my heart forever.
  • I love spending time with my grandfather because he makes me understand that a baby is capable of turning a man into a father but a boy out of his grandpa.
  • A grandpa is an individual who has silver hair and a heart that is made of gold. I will miss everything about you, but I hope to see you in the next life granny.
  • Even if you are no longer here with me, in my entire life, I promise to keep with me the memories of the two of us and how lucky I have been to have such an amazing granny like you.
  • Even if the pain I feel after losing you cannot be measured, I believe that the brightest shining star above my head is you assuring me that you are in a better place now.

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No sadness compares to the one someone feels when they have lost one of their loved ones. Finding the right grandfather passed away message comes in handy in expressing your grief and how much you are going to miss your granny. We hope that you will get some consolation with the emotional tribute to grandfather messages above.

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